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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How to make a shortcut of a webpage on Android home screen

I have a friend who bought a Verizon Google Droid phone recently. He is not tech-savvy, but wants to experience smart phone. One day I communicated with him about Android phone usage for more than an hour. He had many good questions and many of them are something like since Windows OS has this functionality, how I can have the similar function on Android. I answered many questions or demoed the solution for him. But one question I could not answer immediately, i.e., how to make a shortcut for his bookmark web page such as on Android desktop.

Today I consulted a friend and he told me the answer.

1) On the desktop, press home screen for a while until a context menu pops up.

2) Select Shortcut menu item. Another menu pops up.

3) Select Bookmark menu item. Your bookmarks pops up.

4) Select your target bookmark webpage and it will show up on the home screen.

Similarly, we can create shortcuts for many stuff on home screen such as applications, direct dial, contact, music playlist, and gmail labels.

On Android market, there are some apps to help users create shortcut on home screen, e.g., AnyCut(free), and BetterCut($1.99). But I think it is a pretty straight forward to create shortcut directly.

Android OS is a pretty powerful OS, making people often compare it with Windows OS on desktop. Probably iphone users has no such thinking given simple, but restrictive UI.

Update on Jan 19, 2010: Add some description about AnyCut and BetterCut.

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